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This web page has been designed for the people who understand the significance of the heading. To the small group of dedicated masochists who turned up every day to try and teach the hundred odd girls and the thousands of boys who were disgorged every day from the government buses that had brought them from Epping Station and poured through the gates above into the fledgling Epping Boys High School ( and for one year also Cheltenham Girls High School). This page is aimed at the students that went to Epping prior to the Wyndham scheme, which accepted its first students into schools in 1962. Throughout the site reference to a class year will relate to the year that that cohort started at Epping.  

The site is still under construction and all contributions will be greatfully accepted. Email content to neilgbadger@gmail.com.


Buses & Bus Queues



Fetes & conicidentally our photographer Bill Lyne in the fetching orange jumper.

Web Page Layout;

This webpage has  six main subsections, as per the drop-dowm menus above.
The “home” page is where you are at the moment.
The “nostalgia”  page is crammed full of photos, the majority of which were taken by Bill Lyne  -1958-1963. There are some comparison photos  with shots of Bills compared to modern day shots, generally taken by myself, Neil Badger 1958-1963. Early editions of the school magazine and the school newsletter are reproduced. Some contributors to these publications will have a reference in the WH2 page.
The “classes” page displays photos of most of the first year classes that passed through in that period, for many of them there will also be additional shots of that class from other years.
The “History” will have sections on the early history of the School, the Old Boys and the Teachers

The next two sections are password protected and this can be obtained by Emailing me. If you have already done so and forgotten it just go back to first principles and work it out, HINT bus chant.
The “WH2” section is the “Whatever Happened to “  section,  this will include lists of prominent Epping Old Boys and the reason for their prominence. This section will also include an “In Memorium” section for those who are no longer with us.
The "OldBoysOnly" section will have lists of all pupils that enrolled along with an indication as to their current status.
I am considering a forum where information on Old Boys could be hosted to assist people in tracking down missing Old Boys. On perusing the lists of students that attended Epping you will notice that we have only been successful in tracking down a small percentage .  

All contributions will be gladly accepted and published.    
Contributions & helpful suggestions may be emailed to me at neilgbadger@gmail.com .